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            Research Capabilities

                            Due Diligence Research Support
  • We assist our clients with discreet primary interviews on companies and individuals in Asia to gather insights on credibility, track records and red flags as part of their due diligence process.
  • In addition, we provide primary research to support industry trends in relation to the target company and its industry.
  • We support our clients in their research of selected industry and market benchmarks, and deal transaction history. We also assist in identifying similar industry comparable and practices for valuation purposes.
  • On behalf of our clients, we research comparable solution structures that were successfully applied in previous regional or global restructuring cases.
  • Our clients value our cost effective, quick-turn of statistics and desk research.
  Mergers and Acquisition
  We assist our clients in the following areas:
  • Market research and providing insights of target industries or sectors in Asia.
  • Compiling a list of potential acquisition targets or potential businesses for sale based on specific criteria provided by the client.
  • Profiling target companies for acquisition and ascertaining initial availability for acquisition from research or through interviews.
  • Support the write-up of the information memorandum for sale mandates.
  Market Entry Advisory
  We assist our clients to:
  • Better understand the industry they are advising on so as to provide them with a competitive edge in winning the mandate and to improve their service to their clients.
  • Provide country, economic, industry and market insights.
  • Identify opportunities and potential areas of development and growth arising from the course of research and interviews.
  White Paper and Thought Leadership
  • We support our clients with their credentials and collaterals construction through research.
  • We undertake both primary and secondary research to support clients' thought leadership papers.
  Strategy Development
  We assist our clients with the following:
  • Review strategies adopted by leading players in sector of study.
  • Perform market analysis and review of industry players.
  • Interview relevant government bodies, associations, companies and organisations to gather information and insights.
  Case Study Construction
  • We research and build relevant case studies that can be used by clients to support their strategy advisory and consulting work.
  Events, Conference and Exhibitions
  • On behalf of our clients, we prepare presentation materials for events and conferences.
  • We also assist in gathering feedback from such events that would enable the clients to further improve their next event planning.
  Policy Research and Best Practices
  • We research, collate, and analyse information and insights of government and business policies and practices in support of policy development and review.
  • We conduct both primary and secondary research to gather information of good and best practices that are relevant to support our clients' objectives.
  Business Matching
  • Market research and providing insights of potential business partners' industries or sectors in Asia.
  • Assist in building population base for potential business partners.
  • Work with our clients in filtering population using selected criteria specified and established by our clients.
  • Profiling potential business partners and ascertaining initial interest from research or through interviews.
  IPO and Other Public Listing Documentation
  • We assist advisors (our clients) in the preparation of materials that are required for the purpose of public listing or fund raising. Our services include benchmarking, industry profiling, market insights and corporate reviews.
  Credit Review and Asset Trace
  • Assist in researching the credibility of companies and individuals.
  • Assist in mapping out existing assets held by companies and related companies held by directors and/ or shareholders.
  • Raising red flags.
  Litigation Support
  • We lend our expertise in research and knowledge of databases and information resources available to gather useful data points, trends and insights.
  • We track and trace historical documents and public filings to support cases in legal suits.