Frequently Asked Questions

Primary (qualitative) research involves information gathering through interviews. It will tap into the knowledge, experience and opinions of relevant companies, industry associations, non-profit organisations, technical institutions, government bodies and academic institutions.

Secondary (quantitative) research pertains to information that is available in the public domain. These include websites, media articles, books and other published sources.

A research scope lists the topics, industries, and countries/regions that the research is going to cover.  Examples of topics are market size, market share, key trends, issues and challenges, industry statistics, demand and supply conditions, competition, opportunities, forecast growth, SWOT analysis, benchmarking etc. 

Sometimes referred to as "raw data" are public filings to authorities. It includes company's registration, directorship records, financials, shareholding information, litigation, amongst others. Note that the types of records available publicly vary for different countries.

Over the years, we have undertaken multiple research across industries and countries. While we are not industry experts, we have strong competencies in research and have built extensive contacts of industry players and experts in the market. This helps to capture important tacit knowledge, which is currently not available in existing media. In terms of coverage, we have experience in conducting research across Asian countries, the UK, USA, Australia, and certain parts of Europe. 

For more information, you may refer to our website under "Experience & Credentials".

Majority of the research work we do are customised based on our client's needs and budget.  In terms of delivery formats, we are flexible and are able to write reports using the client's specific template/ format. 

There are client mandates where we have been requested to conduct a presentation of our research findings. We have successfully provided this as a value-added service to our clients.

We undertake both primary and/ or secondary research. There are cases where we undertake either primary-only or secondary-only research, depending on the client's request.

We have in-house language capabilities, which include Vietnamese, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Japanese. These are native-speakers of the language and have the ability to impart their local knowledge of their markets.

Our clients are mostly from the professional services sector. These include consulting firms, accountants, legal and financial experts. We also have an extensive portfolio of research conducted for the government sector.

For industry/ market research requests, it would be good to provide us with the following information:
- objective (why you need this research and what you want to achieve?), 
- the research scope (topic, industry, country/ region)
- timeline (in case of tight schedule), and 
- estimated budget (in case of budget constraints, we propose alternatives based on budget) 

For corporate records searches, we will need:
- name (to include foreign equivalent, especially non-English names)
- country
- ID number (if available)

First, we will confirm receipt of your request.  We will review and revert within two working days on the feasibility, estimated cost and timeline.  In case the request is very complex, we will inform you if we will need more time to reply.

We find that most clients do not need a full industry report, which tend to be costly.  We offer our clients to buy sections, figures or tables that are only relevant to them.  This also makes it more cost efficient.  However, we would also like to highlight that purchase of Figures and Tables does not include analysis.  You will need to buy the entire section of the report to read the analysis.

It directs you to a downloadable request form.  You fill-in the form which requires basic information that allows us to process your request. Please email us the request form and we will contact you directly to reply to your request.

We encourage you to use the request form, especially when there are sensitive information.

For customised reports, our clients can make payment either by credit card or telegraphic transfer. For our e-Shop, clients can pay online. The standard currency for online purchase is in Singapore dollars.

You have to cancel your order within 24 hours, else a charge will be made. However for raw data, if the order has already been processed, there would not be any refund.

Our website is using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. This is to ensure your users know that all communication and data is encrypted as it passes from your browser to the website's server.

Yes, we provide an invoice for all payment transactions.

Under the login page, you can click on “Forget your password” and enter your email address. You will receive a email on the steps for resetting password

Please contact us with all your supporting document and we will assess the billing fairly.